Wednesday tune: Radiohead

This week has been a crazy one which started Sunday as I had to drive to Dallas to gear up for a week full of meetings. Monday morning kicked off with me discovering I had misplaced my car key and my work clothes for the week were locked in the car.  A locksmith saves the day, I got the clothes but still no key so my car remains in Dallas but I’ve now moved onto Houston for another series of meetings.  Whew!

Although it’s been a bit insane this week, the thought of the Radiohead concert tonight has kept me going.  YES…tonight we will be at the Radiohead show. CAN.NOT.WAIT!

I choose the “Fake Plastic Trees” video for the song of course but then the beauty of it too.  The pops of color throughout the video, the totally groovy shirt on Thom Yorke and the fabulous styling.

Hope to bring you some Radiohead concert “street style” tomorrow!

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