Tuesday Tune

Wow.  It was quite a week last week and now I seem to be kicking off another hectic one.  I was in Dallas for a few meetings then off to Atlanta for more meetings and since being home I’ve been slammed with deadlines only to be faced with more travel….AHHHH…the “day job”.  Come the weekend I was pretty much as tense as tense could be and there are only a few things that can help me escape this….family & friends, reading and music.  I made sure to engage in all three this past weekend which really helped me get ready to take on this week.

As for the music, I busted out an old Bon Iver album which is enough to take you to a different world and escape all the stress life tends to bring.  Really…if you’re having a bad day, just pull up this post and listen to this song…one of my faves…”Flume”.

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