Texas Style Council Excitement!

Texas Style Council
The much anticipated SXSW has arrived!  Since living in Austin, I look forward to this week every year.  Typically, I’m only looking forward to the music portion of SXSW but this year I’m also participating in Texas Style Council which starts today. YAY!

I’ve been blogging for years on Hola Lola and love it but obviously I’m new to the “style” blogging arena (less than 10 posts). I still don’t know what will happen with this Bolder blog, how it will evolve and where it will take me but I’m loving it so far.  I can’t wait to meet other Texas bloggers at Texas Style Council along with many other fabulous bloggers/designers that will host and sit on the panels. I was sold on this event when I read these words:

“This year, our theme is “Thinking Beyond”. What if you could use your blog to do something greater than just a webpage? What if you could use your boutique to truly make connections and to create community both online and offline? What if your blog or your shop were just one tool in greater endeavors?”

This is exactly why I started this blog and can’t wait to see what Texas Style Council has to offer. Now I just have to figure out what the heck I’m going to wear to all of the events…YIKES!

2 thoughts on “Texas Style Council Excitement!

  1. Hey Amy!!

    I’m so happy to finally get a chance to visit your site. (I’ve been sick then slammed with work all week). It was so awesome to meet you in Austin! Looking forward to keeping up with you online!!

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