SXSW “Street Style” via iPhone

Soon I’ll feature cool Austin “street style” along with “personal style” photos with a decent camera but in the meantime, I love some of the “street style” spotted via iPhone at SXSW this past week.

First up…”Stage Style”

This is the fabulous Amy Cook.  Not only does she have a phenomenal voice but also groovy style.

SXSW “Street Style”

I mean…does it get any better than this when it comes to “street style”.  We were sitting at Perla’s enjoying a snack and I saw this girl walk by and had to run out of the restaurant to snap a picture.  I discovered that she is the owner of the great shoe store, Boot Leg, operating out of an airstream (does it get any cooler than this). I was able to see Sarah a couple more times over the week and will feature her and her store on the blog next week.

I thought everything about this girl was a-dorable.  The print dress paired with the print bag sold me.  This is “my style”.

East Side “Rock-n-Roll Style”

Maybe I was sold on this look because I’m obsessed with animal print (and tattoos for that matter) but I really loved the look of this chick….a rock-n-roll look.


Ahhh…the classic vans (on my husband) and the neon Nike on our friend Igor of isssstudio…what a great combo.

SXSW was such a great time this year.  We saw band after band and hung with friends day after day but I must say I’m SO glad to be back to reality.

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