Spring Layers

Serious me vs. Goofy me / Non-belted look vs. Belted look / Clear picture vs. Blurry picture.  Need I say more?!?!?!

One thing I LOVE about fall/winter attire is all the layering options – sweaters, coats, jackets, scarves and more.  I’m always ready to jump into spring wardrobe but once it gets here and starts heating up in Texas, I miss all the fall/winter layering and at times have a hard time figuring out how to spunk up my spring outfits.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve found some great pieces to layer with that have helped add that extra “oomph” to a basic dress but that also won’t cause me to have a heat stroke.  This is what I would call a win-win!

A basic dress paired with a top, accessories, cardigan and bold wedge translates into an outfit full of layers. Yes, it’s spring but don’t be afraid to layer away.

Happy hump day!

2 thoughts on “Spring Layers

  1. Thanks Jen! I’m all about pattern mixing…sometimes it may verge on tacky but not afraid:) Talk soon!

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