I’d say…

I’ve been pretty much MIA from this here Bolder blog.  Last week I traveled from one side of the country to the other. First to Salt Lake City, then to Saint George, UT, then off to NYC, then to Nashville and finally back to Austin.  Overall, I was on seven planes and had only one “I think we’re going down” moment (it was real bad & this is coming from a girl who is not afraid to fly) plus days filled with meeting after meeting… I figured once I got to Wednesday or Thursday of last week my sanity would have left…escaped me completely…but amazingly it stayed intact the entire week and actually is still with me despite the fact that I have a few more weeks of hard core travel ahead of me.  I love my job but hate the fact that (at times) it takes me away from the things I love most…family, friends, blogging, a little personal time, etc.  After all of it and what’s ahead of me, I love some of these sayings found on Pinterest (an obsession of mine) that can describe how I feel at any moment during a week.

As my day job amps up to a whole new level, I really hope to find the time to make it all work and not be afraid in the process.  In the middle of all this work chaos, we are likely about to buy a house which we can’t pass up…it’s a house that will have to be totally gutted and there will likely be an add on so this should be interesting to say the least. I just hope by the end of all this, I won’t feel like a complete….

Happy Monday and I hope to bring you some fashion fun this week!

It’s time for shorts…

It’s starting to get a bit toasty here in Texas.  I don’t know about you but I’m kind of ready to dive into shorts mode. Of course, first I need to get some color on these here legs and drop 10 lbs that I recently put on (in addition to the 10 I never lost after baby #2…ugh) but other than that (just small things), I’m ready to rock the shorts.  Here are some of my favorite finds that I really and truly wish I could pull off without a hitch.

The Shorts

In addition to the Sass & Bide short at the top of the post, kind of dying over both these looks. Really loving the bold color and patterns on the Alice + Olivia short so much so I’m thinking I just may purchase these babies.  Then there’s the floral print on floral print from Zara….ummmm….obsessed!

The Romper

I’m all about rompers rather it be shorts or pants and actually have one or two I sport around ever so often but these rompers from Mara Hoffman & Marc by Marc Jacobs stand out on their own.. Really…how great are they?!?!?!


Now here are looks from two of my favorite blogs Manrepeller and Sincerely Jules.  Manrepeller never ceases to amaze me with her style and the bold/risky looks that she pulls off so fabulously. If you haven’t read her blog, you should…she’s a complete riot. The overalls are timeless and has inspired me to take on a little DIY project which will soon be featured on the blog. Then there’s Jules who also has an unique style I admire and find so much inspiration from.  She’s adorable!  In this look, loving the neon on neon paired with the distressed short….really…loving it!  Can you ask for more in these looks.

So, lets do it…lets bust out the shorts and try some bold/funky looks out while we’re at it.

Tuesday Tune

Wow.  It was quite a week last week and now I seem to be kicking off another hectic one.  I was in Dallas for a few meetings then off to Atlanta for more meetings and since being home I’ve been slammed with deadlines only to be faced with more travel….AHHHH…the “day job”.  Come the weekend I was pretty much as tense as tense could be and there are only a few things that can help me escape this….family & friends, reading and music.  I made sure to engage in all three this past weekend which really helped me get ready to take on this week.

As for the music, I busted out an old Bon Iver album which is enough to take you to a different world and escape all the stress life tends to bring.  Really…if you’re having a bad day, just pull up this post and listen to this song…one of my faves…”Flume”.

Bolder Instagram Recap

It’s been a couple weeks and I (once again) loved looking through the Instagram photos to see what’s been happening in our world.  It’s always a whirlwind and full of chaos but at least our lives don’t lack constant entertainment.

We are very fortunate to live right off of South Congress in Austin (a.k.a SOCO).  Daily we take a walk up the street for eating, shopping and entertainment.  It’s beyond convenient and so nice to be able to live is such a great neighborhood.  The 10th annual Hot Rod Round Up was back and wow…what great fun.  I’m not a big car person but it’s still entertaining and the people watching is phenomenal.  Guero’s Taco bar is a hot spot for us.  Drinks, music & fun for the whole family to enjoy!  We’ve been going for so many years that most the staff (bartenders mainly) know our kids by name…such comfort.  Clay & I headed to the East Side for drinks on Friday (another one of our fave areas) and love that you can get beautiful views of the river over there.  And then it’s all about Willie…the revealing of the statue outside of the new ACL Live theater.  How great is this?!?!?!? A few months back, Clay & I went to the first show at the theater to see Willie himself.  Great times!

Love this pic of Lola acting like a “goof pot”. We also hosted a play-date (Lord…I never thought I would find myself using this term…scary!).  The girls had a ton of fun.  I also took the kids to Amy’s Ice Cream / Phil’s Ice House for food and treats and playtime.  Finally, got love the hat on Gainesy…he’s a piece of work!

If you remember from the first instagram post, I was up in my ears in clothes as I was trying to change out my closets from fall/winter to spring/summer.  This challenge is finally complete and I love busting out my spring dresses and sandals. I’ve also been on a search for a great pattern jean and chose the dot jean from Anthropologie.  Last weekend I had a bachelorette party for a good friend and sported my animal print jeans (some of my faves) and paired with a denim pearl snap from American Eagle and we were off to rock the town (granted I was back home in bed by 11:00 reading my book…old dog in the house but young at heart).  Then there is arm candy….always have to sport the arm candy.

I must confess I have a bit of obsession for shoes.  Whether it be for me or my little guys, I’m all about them.  I finally found the perfect pair of bold floral sandals at Aldo Shoes…SCORE!  Also, love the new additions to my little guy’s shoe collection (strangely, I invest more in my son’s shoes than my daughter’s).  Then there were the bright loafers I adored also spotted at Aldo.  Finally, my favorite pair of booties from Anthropologie…These babies can spunk up just about any outfit.  They were great in fall/winter with tights and I’ve also found they are fun to pair with spring outfits too.  Love!

That’s it for now folks.  Can you believe how much can happen in a matter of weeks.  Too much fun!

Fave Editorials

I’m all about everyday wearable fashion.  I mean that’s what I’m trying to make this blog all about….featuring looks we can all wear daily.  I have very demanding day job along with two kids that keep me on my toes so I have very little time to “fancy” myself up. But, who can’t be inspired by a good editorial.  Really, when it comes down to it, the everyday wearable trends all start from some high fashion editorial and/or runway show.  Here are some of my favorite editorials I’ve spotted over the past couple weeks.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Wowsers!  Do you feel as inspired as I do by these images?!?!?!?  They make me happy and I’m loving it.

Clutch Much!

There’s no use denying it (and why would we anyway)…the clutch is in and is one of the biggest trends.  I don’t know about you but I’ve been all over this trend.  A clutch is an easy piece to add to any outfit to give it that extra bit of color, character and/or edge.  Here are some of my favorite clutches I’ve seen around.  I wish I could buy them all!

Row One 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Row Two 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Row Three 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!

Austin Fashion on a roll…

I only started this blog less than two months ago but in this short time I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many great people from bloggers to designers to store owners.  It’s already been such an exciting ride and I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this venture.  I’ve mentioned Sarah Lewis, owner of the fabulous BootLeg, on the blog in the past.  In fact, Sarah made my cut on the SXSW Street Style post (check her out…A-mazing).  I’m all about “fashion on a roll” (a.k.a. fashion on wheels).  As a matter of fact, I hope to one day soon have my own boutique on wheels. Molly and I (and my 4 yr old, Lola) were thrilled to be included in the Austin Statesman style story published today “Austin Fashion on a roll” by Nancy Flores.  If you haven’t already seen it, yall should check out the article! Also, tune in next week as I’ll have my own post on BootLeg and this fabulous shop on wheels.

Spring Layers

Serious me vs. Goofy me / Non-belted look vs. Belted look / Clear picture vs. Blurry picture.  Need I say more?!?!?!

One thing I LOVE about fall/winter attire is all the layering options – sweaters, coats, jackets, scarves and more.  I’m always ready to jump into spring wardrobe but once it gets here and starts heating up in Texas, I miss all the fall/winter layering and at times have a hard time figuring out how to spunk up my spring outfits.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve found some great pieces to layer with that have helped add that extra “oomph” to a basic dress but that also won’t cause me to have a heat stroke.  This is what I would call a win-win!

A basic dress paired with a top, accessories, cardigan and bold wedge translates into an outfit full of layers. Yes, it’s spring but don’t be afraid to layer away.

Happy hump day!

Guest Post: Spring Beauty Trends

Have you ever had a moment when you meet someone and you feel an instant connection with them????  Well, I had that moment when I met Lindsay who writes the fabulous Belle Belle beauty blog.  In addition to her beauty blog, she also dabbles in fashion on her blog Su-perb which focuses on casual/wearable style.  It never fails that I always find inspiration from one of Lindsay’s blogs.  With all this fabulousness, I was beyond thrilled when Lindsay agreed to do a guest post on Bolder featuring some of the top spring beauty trends.  Check out the fab trends and also stop by her blogs.  Thx Lindsay!

 Bold Lips

A pop of color on the lips isn’t just for winter. Pull out your pinks, oranges and fuchsias for a springy, fresh look. If you are just easing into bold lips, there are loads of sheer options so you too can rock this trend.

YSL just came out with a revolutionary lip formula that I love.  This stuff has the texture and shine of a gloss with the long-wear of a stain. My favorite is Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Glossy Stain in Rouge Gouache. And there is absolutely no way you can go wrong with a classic like NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave.

Full Brows

Put those tweezers down. Bold brows (are still) in. A prominent brow actually better frames the face. On it’s own, a filled-in, groomed brow can finish the face just as much as a swipe of lipgloss.

To get the look, fill in your brows with Le Metier de Beaute Brow Bound Eyebrow Pencil. It is dual ended with a brush at one end. Use this to comb out the brow hairs first. Then use it after to blend the gel-like formula. Then, to hold the brows in place, comb through Anastasia Brow Gel in Clear.

Metallic Lids

This sounds like a daunting trend to try, but couldn’t be easier! Forget shading, layering and different brushes. Just apply a wash of platinum, silver or gold to your lid. I like cream shadow for this look. Just use your finger. If you are up for a splurge, Tom Ford Beauty Cream Color for Eyes in Guilt or Platinum. For a drugstore option, try Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24Hr Eyeshadow in Bold Gold.

Vibrant Nails

Channel your inner tween and pick up a bottle of bright polish. Don’t be afraid to mix them together, with one accent nail pink while the rest are green. I am swooning over the new Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection.

Source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Stripe Frenzy

Image via yellowtrace

Like many of us out there, I’m a creature of habit and find myself leaning more toward bright colors and bold patterns in my everyday wears.  But yesterday I seemed to step out of my “comfort” zone by purchasing a black and white dress. This led me on a search for all things that are black and white (or navy and white) that still reveal a bold look.  Before I knew it, I was going on a stripe frenzy.  Check out some of my favorite bold looks that don’t necessarily involve color.  Granted, I plan to pair my black & white dress with things such as a fuschia belt and neon yellow pumps but I really loved these “colorless” bold looks also.

1 / 2

1 / 2 / 3

1 / 2

Love it all.  Here’s to a Happy Friday!