I’d say…

I’ve been pretty much MIA from this here Bolder blog.  Last week I traveled from one side of the country to the other. First to Salt Lake City, then to Saint George, UT, then off to NYC, then to Nashville and finally back to Austin.  Overall, I was on seven planes and had only one “I think we’re going down” moment (it was real bad & this is coming from a girl who is not afraid to fly) plus days filled with meeting after meeting… I figured once I got to Wednesday or Thursday of last week my sanity would have left…escaped me completely…but amazingly it stayed intact the entire week and actually is still with me despite the fact that I have a few more weeks of hard core travel ahead of me.  I love my job but hate the fact that (at times) it takes me away from the things I love most…family, friends, blogging, a little personal time, etc.  After all of it and what’s ahead of me, I love some of these sayings found on Pinterest (an obsession of mine) that can describe how I feel at any moment during a week.

As my day job amps up to a whole new level, I really hope to find the time to make it all work and not be afraid in the process.  In the middle of all this work chaos, we are likely about to buy a house which we can’t pass up…it’s a house that will have to be totally gutted and there will likely be an add on so this should be interesting to say the least. I just hope by the end of all this, I won’t feel like a complete….

Happy Monday and I hope to bring you some fashion fun this week!

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