Bolder the Better has arrived!

Finally, it’s time to kick off the blog. The first post is a tough one I have to say so I thought I’d start with the obvious…Who am I anyway?  Well, this is me.

I’m a wife and a mama of two lovely kiddos Lola and Gaines. By day, I’m a Corporate Risk Consultant who yearns of one day owning my own boutique.  I’ve come to the realization that I may be a wanderer (from Dallas, then Lubbock for college, then back to Dallas, then to NYC, then back to Dallas and now Austin which is likely home for good). I also tend to make a long story even longer.  I love to read.  I’m a bit quirky. At times, I use too many exclamation marks!!!  I tend to talk real fast because my mind is always going in 10 different directions. “Super” is one of my favorite words. I also start sentences with “And” and tend to say “Hmmmm” a lot.   I don’t really like photos of myself (despite the fact that I threw one in this post). I must admit I’m a bit obsessive compulsive.  I’m “obsessed’ with all fashion.  If you can’t tell from the photo above, I love print on print on print.  I love bright colors. I love vintage.  I love shoes. I tend to wear animal print in some way, shape or form multiple times a week.  I love accessories (the more the merrier).  Basically, I’m obsessed with all things bold.  I also obsess about music and art. My “mantra” has always been “The Bolder the Better” when it comes to any and everything (hence the name of this blog). This is my chance to show you all the things I obsess about daily and maybe it will one day lead to that boutique I yearn to have.

And, finally, a sneak peak into my style (which you don’t have to like my style to like this blog I assure you!).

I hope you’ll stick with me and join the fun!

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