I’d say…

I’ve been pretty much MIA from this here Bolder blog.  Last week I traveled from one side of the country to the other. First to Salt Lake City, then to Saint George, UT, then off to NYC, then to Nashville and finally back to Austin.  Overall, I was on seven planes and had only one “I think we’re going down” moment (it was real bad & this is coming from a girl who is not afraid to fly) plus days filled with meeting after meeting… I figured once I got to Wednesday or Thursday of last week my sanity would have left…escaped me completely…but amazingly it stayed intact the entire week and actually is still with me despite the fact that I have a few more weeks of hard core travel ahead of me.  I love my job but hate the fact that (at times) it takes me away from the things I love most…family, friends, blogging, a little personal time, etc.  After all of it and what’s ahead of me, I love some of these sayings found on Pinterest (an obsession of mine) that can describe how I feel at any moment during a week.

As my day job amps up to a whole new level, I really hope to find the time to make it all work and not be afraid in the process.  In the middle of all this work chaos, we are likely about to buy a house which we can’t pass up…it’s a house that will have to be totally gutted and there will likely be an add on so this should be interesting to say the least. I just hope by the end of all this, I won’t feel like a complete….

Happy Monday and I hope to bring you some fashion fun this week!

It’s time for shorts…

It’s starting to get a bit toasty here in Texas.  I don’t know about you but I’m kind of ready to dive into shorts mode. Of course, first I need to get some color on these here legs and drop 10 lbs that I recently put on (in addition to the 10 I never lost after baby #2…ugh) but other than that (just small things), I’m ready to rock the shorts.  Here are some of my favorite finds that I really and truly wish I could pull off without a hitch.

The Shorts

In addition to the Sass & Bide short at the top of the post, kind of dying over both these looks. Really loving the bold color and patterns on the Alice + Olivia short so much so I’m thinking I just may purchase these babies.  Then there’s the floral print on floral print from Zara….ummmm….obsessed!

The Romper

I’m all about rompers rather it be shorts or pants and actually have one or two I sport around ever so often but these rompers from Mara Hoffman & Marc by Marc Jacobs stand out on their own.. Really…how great are they?!?!?!


Now here are looks from two of my favorite blogs Manrepeller and Sincerely Jules.  Manrepeller never ceases to amaze me with her style and the bold/risky looks that she pulls off so fabulously. If you haven’t read her blog, you should…she’s a complete riot. The overalls are timeless and has inspired me to take on a little DIY project which will soon be featured on the blog. Then there’s Jules who also has an unique style I admire and find so much inspiration from.  She’s adorable!  In this look, loving the neon on neon paired with the distressed short….really…loving it!  Can you ask for more in these looks.

So, lets do it…lets bust out the shorts and try some bold/funky looks out while we’re at it.

Tuesday Tune

Wow.  It was quite a week last week and now I seem to be kicking off another hectic one.  I was in Dallas for a few meetings then off to Atlanta for more meetings and since being home I’ve been slammed with deadlines only to be faced with more travel….AHHHH…the “day job”.  Come the weekend I was pretty much as tense as tense could be and there are only a few things that can help me escape this….family & friends, reading and music.  I made sure to engage in all three this past weekend which really helped me get ready to take on this week.

As for the music, I busted out an old Bon Iver album which is enough to take you to a different world and escape all the stress life tends to bring.  Really…if you’re having a bad day, just pull up this post and listen to this song…one of my faves…”Flume”.