Friday Tune

Well guys, it’s officially ACL weekend!  This year, for the first time in 3 years, we won’t be attending this fabulous festival that’s right in our backyard. We made this very hard decision early on as we’ve seen most of the bands fairly recently.  So we’ll be doing it a bit differently this weekend….rather than rocking out to bands all day, we’ll go to the after shows.  Tonight, we’re going to see one of my faves, Father John Misty.  Seriously, if you haven’t checked out his tunes, it’s a MUST.  I absolutely can’t wait for the show tonight.

Happy Friday and Happy ACL!

Art inspires fashion…

Since buying our new home, I’ve become more obsessed with art and I’m always on the search for new artists.  We painted almost the entire interior of our home white thinking it would be a base for future gallery of fabulous art.  As I’ve been exploring more artists and look at some of the pieces I admire, I’ve found they match up with many of the fashion looks I love most.  Art inspires fashion and fashion can inspire art.

Artist Lesley GraingerPrinted skirt cotton blend dress by Milly.  Acid Yellow Wedge from Anthropology.

Artist Shoa Malik. Outfit by Lauren Moffatt.  Bracelet paired w/ stripe via Pinterest.

Artist Claire Desjardins. Dress via ASOS.

Add to the old

Fall has finally arrived and here in Texas we can finally feel it and smell it in the air.  I absolutely love the change of seasons.  Specifically from winter to spring and then from summer to fall.  It means it’s time to get out the boxed up clothes and shoes/boots to see what new outfits can be created.

Over the weekend I started changing out my closet.  I love it b/c it feels somewhat like I have a new wardrobe although it’s all my old pieces…just haven’t seen them in a while and let me tell you…I was more than happy to see all the cardigans, jackets, scarves, boots, etc.  I’m ready to bring on the fall clothes in full force!  To help spruce up my old wears, these pieces will soon be added to my closet to help funk up some old looks….


A blazer is always an easy peasy way to add a bit of color and pizazz to a simple look.  I’ve been on a search for a blazer for while now and finally settled on this orange/redish gathered sleeve blazer from Zara.


Yes, go for the gold…that’s metallic gold with a metallic gold jean.  You can dress it up or down (even throw a chambray shirt on with them)…regardless of what you choose, metallic is a great way to spice up the closet. This fab jean is from Michael Kors and I’m completely obsessed.

Funky Tights/Bold Patterns/Pops of Color

The beginning of the fall season I always look for a dress or two with bold prints but that are also versatile.  Here are two great options from Madewell. I chose the black & white Chapterbook Dress on the right and HAD TO HAVE both pairs of tights. Pair any print dress with a funky print tight and add a pop of color in the shoe and you have one groovy outfit.  Oh, and I can also pair my orange blazer over this to add even more color.  Gotta love clothes with versatility!


Finally (and dare I say most importantly), adding a new boot to your closet is another great way to take old pieces and turn them new.  I typically have a very difficult time making a decision on boots for the season but this year it was clear.  Once I saw the 80%20 Rina Ankle Boot boot from Urban Outfitters and the Hartland Vegan Boot from Free People, it was a no brainer for me.  These are two great boots that will add that perfect touch to my old wears.

Happy Day!

These images make me so very happy.  Everything about them. The color.  The prints. The mixture of patterns.  The vibrancy.  All of it puts a big smile on my face which makes for a very Happy Friday!

Row 1 – 1/2    Row 2 – 1/   Row 3 – 1/2    Row 4 – 1/2

Austin Fashion Week 2012

Austin has recently wrapped up it’s third Fashion Week. Before we all move on to New York Fashion Week which kicks off tomorrow, we must recap Austin Fashion week.  Below were some of my favorite runway looks by photographer Aurora Reyes from a fabulous week of fashion.

Prints / Color



Black with details

How fabulous are all these looks?!?!?!  I already can’t wait until next year.  Check out more Austin Fashion Week looks on Aurora Reyes blog.

Fashionable words

I’ll be the first to admit I was never a big fan of wearing words on t-shirts when it came to myself or my kids until this fabulous Carrie Bradshaw moment that we all remember.  It’s been a couple years since this look was a big hit but lately it seems words on t-shirts has become all the rage.  Here are some fun looks I’ve loved!

Now I shall be on the search for the perfect “word” t-shirt as I’m totally ready to rock this look!


Crazy for green!

Lately I’ve found myself somewhat obsessed with green…lime green, grass green, sea green.  As I look around my house and closet, it’s everywhere. Whether it be a freshly painted green door, green plants, green trees that surround our new house, green cabinets in the office, green bathroom, green top, green jeans or something that just happens to have pops of green in it…green, green, green!  I absolutely love green.  I’ve taken my green obsession out to the fashion world.  Here are some looks that inspire me with pops of my oh so lovely fave color (for now)…GREEN!


Print on print featuring none other than….GREEN!

Clockwise – 1/2/3

Green in an accessory or shoe to add that perfect pop to any outfit.


Green on top or green on bottom?!?!?!?

Regardless of how you pair green, it’s been a great summer color and will be even better to take into the fall!

Long time no see & now lets move on to Fashion Week!

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged. Unfortunately, I went through a big travel spree with work on top of a move and I quickly figured out I couldn’t do it all which resulted in making the hard decision to take a break from this blog and the fashion world. But, now that we’re officially in our new home, work travel will die down for at least another 3 weeks and with Austin Fashion Week upon us, I figure now is a better time than ever to kick this baby back up…and I hope this time I can keep it going! Before we jump back into the fashion world, here are some of our happenings that have contributed to keeping me away from the blogging world.

Good-bye old home….

Hello new home…

We’ve only been in our new house for a week now and for obvious reasons we refer to it as a “disaster zone” as we remain in the middle of a remodel which equates into no hot water, dishwasher, washer & dryer, stove, oven, microwave & lots of trash…fun times! Due to heat and all of the above, I’ve had very little fashion inspiration but have come by some home inspiration.

From our new white living room, to the new white kitchen, white on white is the big theme in our new house. Of course, “the bolder the better” right…so I can’t resist some major pops of colors which will come from our collection of books which are waiting patiently on the floor for book shelves to be installed to green cabinet doors in the very white kitchen to a lime green floor in the kids room.

Alright alright alright…enough about me and our happenings….lets get on to fashion!  Can’t wait to fill you in on what is to come during Austin Fashion Week which begins tomorrow. See you soon!